• August 2017

recalm GmbH was founded in 2017 by Marc, Martin, Lukas and Ralf in Hamburg. Marc had the idea for active noise reduction in his flat in Hamburg-Altona at the beginning of 2016. Regularly exposed to the loudness of the fish market and the Reeperbahn, the vision was born there to block out noise at the touch of a button and without headphones in order to reduce stress and noticeably improve the quality of life.

August 2017
December 2018
Investment & Team

Investment & Team

  • December 2018

Together they developed a first prototype and successfully went through a series of private and public funding programmes.

The recalm team has grown since then. Together with our partner companies and investors, we are working intensively on the market readiness of the first fully functional ANC device that can be operated via mobile app in driver's cabs of construction and agricultural machinery.



  • April / November 2019

2019 was a big milestone for our still young company. At both BAUMA and AGRITECHNICA, we were able to present the prototype of our own product ANCOR together with the companies elobau and Fritzmeier.

April / November 2019
June 2020
New Industries

New Industries

  • June 2020

In addition to ANC (Active Noise Cancelling), we have initiated the development of additional audio features that our ANCOR product will include. These include, for example, a dynamic hands-free function, entertainment via Bluetooth and DAB+.

We are also developing RNC (Road Noise Cancelling) solutions for the automotive market.


Marc von Elling, Mitgründer, Geschäftsführer
Marc von Elling

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Lukas Henkel, Mitgründer, Geschäftsführer
Lukas Henkel

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Ralf Ressel, Mitgründer, Mentor
Ralf Ressel

Co-Founder & Mentor

Sebastian Gehrke

Development Engineer

Julius Häuslein

Development Engineer

Sven Höber

Development Engineer

Kopie_RECALM - AGA_5827 - Anne Gaertner
Eike Schwarzwald

Development Engineer

Kopie_RECALM - AGA_5863 - Anne Gaertner
Benedikt Zimmermann

Development Engineer

Kopie_RECALM - AGA_5870 - Anne Gaertner
Minh Tung Bui

Development Engineer

Kopie_RECALM - AGA_5901 - Anne Gaertner
Cem Cinar

Development Engineer

2021_08_17_Sebastian Karweg_angepasst

Sebastian Karweg

Business Development

Dariush Fardanesh

Development Engineer

2021_08_17_Henning Stoppel_angepasst_2

Henning Stoppel

Sales & Marketing


Sophia Brand


2021_08_17_Kimio Nishiura_angepasst

Kimio Nishiura

Development Engineer