The future audio experience for your vehicle.


The retrofittable infotainment system for driver workstations in construction, agricultural and forestry machines.

Your personal music zone for an excellent sound experience

State-of-the-art Bluetooth technology for optimal connectivity

Your personal telephone zone for unique speech intelligibility

Multiple microphone for crystal clear conversations

Noise reduction for cleaned up sound quality

Beamforming for maximum freedom of movement

Your personal quiet zone for more safety at work and a better quality of life

Reduction of disturbing engine noise up to 500 Hz

*Hardware and software are optimised for the ANC function. An ANC function is currently only available for certain vehicle models. Further vehicle models will be activated on an ongoing basis.

You like to listen to the radio at work to stay informed and enjoy the latest music?

Are you tired of poor reception, e.g. due to ground problems or interference from the LED spotlights?

We implement DAB+ on ANCOR below and allow you to choose from more channels with better quality.

You drive a machine on which PTT may no longer be used according to § 23 paragraph 1a of the StVo? You need your hands on the wheel or joystick and are tired of interruptions and errors creeping in when operating your vehicle because you constantly have to reach for the radio?

Put an end to the annoying encroachment!

We implement CB radio on ANCOR below and allow you maximum freedom of movement and comfort.

You know the challenge that today’s machines can do more and more and at the same time everyone only has two hands at their disposal? You love your machine and talk to it every now and then, but you don’t get an answer?

There are other ways!

We implement voice control on ANCOR and allows you to send commands to your vehicle.


All settings via smartphone app

All settings and individual user profiles can be made easily and intuitively via the mobile app and Bluetooth using the user's own smartphone.


User-friendly attachment to the headrest

Plug and Play for the headrest - for original equipment and retrofitting. Ready for commissioning by the machine operator in just a few minutes.


Awarded and certified for Heavy Machinery

ANCOR has won the German Occupational Health and Safety Award and the Systems and Components Trophy and is designed for working conditions in the field.

The most pleasant active noise reduction

“At the beginning I was still sceptical – until I switched it on and off for the first time. It was amazing how much the soundscape changed. Because we often work with windows/doors open, you can already clearly notice it. Communication with colleagues downstairs is also better.


Operator, Liebherr A 918 compact

You are a manufacturer and interested in individual ANC solutions?

We measure, analyse, advise, specify and license.

Our expertise and years of know-how in the development of Active Noise Cancelling hardware and software has been appreciated by our customers for five years. To evaluate whether an individual ANC development makes sense, we offer an ANC performance simulation as a first step. For more information, please see the categories below.


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